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♡To The Moondrops,Sup♡

ソウル·エヴァンス|Status:Invisible but artistic!|Welcome to my page little moondrop! Hope you enjoy my sketches and random pops in and outs as I try my best to be on the page more often due to endless schoolwork ;n;

♡Moondrop Love♡

❤Luna's Favorite Gallery❤

☆Max's Love☆

~..:What A Beautiful Smile:..~ by GlichieVirus
Dear Jackie~
I know your going though a lot but just keep smiling. You have such a beautiful smile that could light up a room. I want you to happy. that's all I ever wanted was to see you smile again. Remember this, You are beautiful in every single way and never doubt yourself. Your strong and you can make it though this. I will be with you every step of the way helping you. Every since I meet you have changed my life. You helped me laugh more, learn to accept myself. and strive to get better. You were one of the first people to ever talk to me on here and I might say I was scare. I didn't think you would like me or that we would even be friends. But boy was I wrong. You are like one of the gratest friends I've ever had. Your kind sweet and over all amazing. I love you so much sis. Im proud to consider you family. And that's rare since there's only 3 people I consider family and your one of the 3. Just keep on smiling and striving to become the best you can be. I will always be here for you all right. Just talk to me when you need me. I will make all the time in the world for you. just to see you smile. I love you
Love,Max Lyn~
chibi pony by GlichieVirus
She was my first friend on here. I can now proudly call her family.
From what I remember I stumbled across her page. I saw she saw a grate artiest. She was improving day after day. I got to watch her change and grow. Well we both did. She taught me how to truly appreciate the tiny things in life. TO enjoy a good laugh with friends, to always smile. I love her from the bottom of my heart. <3 I'm so glad I got to meet an amazing person like her. <3 remember I will be here for you. Always
Oh Look the Beautiful Wifu. You are such a sweetheart and you must be protected at all cost. 
You're a talented  girl with a bit heart and big dreams. <3 and I love you boo . ; A ; You have grown so much for the many years that I've known you. ; w ; AND BOY LOOK AT YOU. A strong young woman with amazing skills. You are now senpai material :'I One day you might surpass me.  Love you~

Jackie where do I even start with you. You are a funny loving sweet girl and i'm so happy to call you a friend/sis.
You are one of the sweetest human beings, and I will always be there for you girl. You mean alot to me. Watching you grow as an artist is one of the biggest pleasers i have.You have improved so much and i'm just so proud of you 02.10.16 
⊂   ノ    ・゜+.
 しーJ   °。+ *´¨)
         .· ´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
          (¸.·´ (¸.·’* You Are Cute 08.22.16


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♡Box Of Love♡

❤Max and Luna: Best Bros together❤

:iconglichievirus: Attack On Titan Icon: Moves Like Jeager by wow1076:iconlittle-crygirl:
This is my Eren as I'm her Levi, we had so many great memories together that literally just laugh or smile whether its in the daylight or night time we always have our smiles.She will always be my angry German girl as I will be her short-stack 5'3 piece of hngg.
I Would Do Anything For You. by GlichieVirus

♡Loving Family♡

♡Musical Note♡

Art Trade - Luna-Lulamoon by TheTarkaana
Name:Musical Note|Species: Pegasus
-Always there for others
Talent:She loves to sing all around or whenever someone needs a song but she also spends her free time helping around cloudsdale
Nickname: Music
Bio: when music was a young fily she always watched and hear her mother sing songs or compose them from time to time while her father spent most of his time at construction work but he always found the time to spend with his family. At the age 10 music was taught how to fly, due to the fact she crashes most of the time in which she almost ended up in the hospital.. but then while around the same age she found inspiration and motivation to make a song for her parents to thank them for all their hard work for raising her well. After performing her song she was able to find her voice within her and sung a little song to the citizens of ponyville in which she had earned her cutie mark and now as a mare she is now happily flying and singing her music

♡Team Panic-Married~03.28.14~♡


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